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We illuminate environments to help people thrive. Light permeates our environments and envelops everyone, day and night, affecting not only our vision, but also our awareness, communication, mood, biological rhythms and general health. 


We collaborate with building and landscape design teams to illuminate environments that use resources responsibly, tell a compelling story and enhance the most human moments of our lives. From classrooms to conference rooms and from landscapes to laboratories, we harness the power of light to help each person it touches to achieve their full potential.


As digital video technologies become more intertwined in the ways that our communities work, learn and play, we are especially proud to leverage our extensive experience designing for distance learning and video conferencing environments. A properly designed system can and should provide lighting that is both comfortable and beautiful for the occupants of the physical space as well as for the viewers of the video. Keeping in mind the profound effect that views of the outdoors and connection to nature have on our bodies and minds, our video conference lighting techniques strive to incorporate daylight and biophilic principles whenever possible, rather than creating a sterile, windowless "studio". We seek to ease the many challenges of communicating via video by providing a clear, dimensional camera image of of the speaker in a setting that appears natural and inviting.

People in all environments deserve illumination that supports their mindset, wellbeing and growth as well as the pragmatic tasks at hand. It is our joy to provide this illumination by using light to celebrate the spaces we create with our clients.




Cynthia’s zeal for lighting is rooted in the belief that art should improve lives. In addition to her lighting design work, Cynthia has collaborated on the development of patented LED technologies, and worked as a researcher for the National Institute of Health. Having begun her lighting career with a masters degree in theatrical lighting design, architectural lighting has become the heart of her practice, for what can be more compelling than telling the stories of real human lives?

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